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A Question Of Value

It is a fact that many companies that sustain a major loss are not able to regain their previous profit levels or may even go out of business altogether as all too often a business only discovers gaps in their insurance program when a loss occurs. Some common problems include:

  • Inadequate sums insured
  • Policy wordings do not reflect true exposures to business
  • Uninsured risks not identified

How Can Consolidated Meet Your Needs?

Our credibility with both our clients and insurance markets means that we bring our experience and expertise to deliver real value even in the most testing market conditions. We believe that our combined skills and experience is a significant asset to the successful range of services for such things as business insurance, PI Insurance and asset management/protection and advice that we provide.

We also have the advantage of being a member of the Steadfast Group.

Steadfast is Australia’s largest insurance broker cluster group and represents more than 270 Australia-owned, autonomous insurance brokerages. The Steadfast Group generates in excess of $2.5 billion annual premium turnover which means our clients get the benefits of big business buying power together with the personal service they desire.

The extensive Steadfast network also allows member brokers to keep informed about current trends and new insurance markets and products, plus, we have access to preferential policy wording specifically designed for Steadfast members.