Brochures & Information Sheets


Should losses occur, it is imperative that they are dealt with and resolved expediently so that your business, property or vehicle is restored to normal operation in a timely manner. Our role is to provide first class service throughout the whole claims process.

In order to expedite your claim as soon as possible, we have provided the following “Hotline” telephone numbers and claim forms. This will ensure your claim is handled immediately, particularly in the event of an emergency.

adobe_readerAcc Health Accident.pdf


Commercial & Motor 1300 550 193 / Personal Insurance 1300 657 083

adobe_readerCGU Motor Claim Form.pdf
adobe_readerCGU Property Claim Form.pdf
adobe_readerCGU Property.pdf


Commercial & Motor (03) 8627 4240, 62 / Personal Insurance (03) 8627 4230, 50

adobe_readerLumley Fusion.pdf
adobe_readerLumley General Claim Form.pdf
adobe_readerLumley Glass.pdf
adobe_readerLumley Liability.pdf
adobe_readerLumley Motor Vehicle 2.pdf


1300 888 073