Whether you own a single Commercial Investment Property or a large Commercial Property Portfolio, the Property and it’s Income need to be protected to ensure continued investment return.

Whether you occupy the premises yourself, or lease the property out, it is imperative that the rental income, the bricks and mortar, and the liability aspect of your property are fully protected.

As with any contract, the contract of Insurance needs to be set up correctly to ensure your complete protection.

CIA has specialised in Commercial Property Owners Insurance for over 30 years and has arranged insurances from single Retail and Commercial Sites to multiple Multi Million Dollar Shopping Centre Portfolios.

No two properties are every the same, and we can guarantee we have the expertise to ensure the full and adequate protection of your Commercial Investment Property.

Unfortunately too many times we are advised of owners who allow tenants to take responsibility of the insurance of their investment properties, often times with disastrous consequences.

Ensure your complete protection by contacting Nathan today, to ensure your Commercial Investment Property is completely and adequately insured.

To ask Nathan any questions on the insurance of your Commercial Investment Property or Portfolio please do not hesitate by emailing him at nathan@ciainsurance.com.au.