Do your clients require this cover in order to sell their Residential unit? We can offer the most competitive premium in the market.

We have negotiated a special deal with one of Australia’s leading Insurers who offer Common Ground Public Liability Insurance on behalf of Conveyancing companies.

For a sum insured of $10,000,000 the cost is $300.00 including ALL taxes and surcharges.

In addition to a very low premium, we are pleased to offer the following benefits:

  • A quick, simple and easy process (cover can be issued same day of application)
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff who have many years of Strata insurance experience
  • First class security of a leading insurer
  • Comprehensive cover for bodily injury or death to another person and loss or damage to another person’s property

If you would like to place cover please fill out the form below or for information please call Nathan or Geoff on (03) 9557 2976.


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Note - If more than one person is applying for Insurance, these questions must be answered in respect of each individual person

1. Has any insurer declined an application from You, or cancelled or refused to renew a policy of Yours,required special terms to insure You, or declined or refused a claim?


2. Have you sustained any loss or damage to property, whether or not you made an insurance claim, or had any claims made against You in the last 5 years?


3. Have You, or any person who will receive insurance protection under the proposed policy, been charged with, or convicted of, any criminal offences in the past 10 years?


4. During the last 2 years have You or any other person to whom cover extends under this policy received any threats to life or property (private or business)?


5. Are there any other relevant facts relating to the risk to be insured which You should disclose to Us, to enable a true assessment of Your Insurance application?


6. Is any portion of the property to be insured in a state of disrepair or poor condition?


If you have answered YES to any of the questions 1-6 above please give full details