As one of the leading Arts & Fine Arts Insurance Brokers in Australia, we are pleased to offer Comprehensive multi risks protection for your Art collection at very competitive premium terms.

As a specialist provider of Fine Arts Insurance, our facility provides cover for:

  • Museums & Galleries
  • Fine Art Dealers
  • Exhibitions
  • Private and Corporate collections
  • Auction Houses and
  • Artist’s personal collections
  • Superannuation Funds
  • Galleries & Framers

Risks Covered In Art Insurance

Cover is provided under a special Fine Arts policy wording, which includes cover for such things as Fire, Storm, Earthquake, Accidental and Malicious Damage, Impact, Explosion and a whole host of other policy coverage plus Burglary and Theft. Cover also automatically extends to include:

  • Property in transit, both locally and to nominated destinations worldwide
  • Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Reference libraries

Pre agreed basis of settlement:

In the unfortunate event of an art insurance claim, there is no argument as to what your policy will pay as the basis of settlement is pre agreed with the Insurer.

A.N.G. Art Consulting

A.N.G. Art Consulting is an independent authority on Fine Art Valuations, specialising in the appraisal, sale and procurement of Australian and Aboriginal paintings, works on paper, sculpture and photography. We are proud to provide CIA clients with a comprehensive range of Valuation Services to ensure that your art collection records are up to date. We provide discreet bespoke valuations for Fair Market Value, Asset Management, Insurance, Estate Planning, Probate and Tax purposes.

We provide services for:

  • Private and Corporate collections / Superannuation funds
  • Fine art galleries and dealers
  • Financial Advisors / Lawyers / Executors and estate planners