“Committing a wrongful act can cost you and your business considerable financial hardship.”

Private companies, their directors and staff are increasingly exposed to greater corporate governance and regulatory scrutiny in the day to day running of their businesses, making it essential to obtain Professional indemnity/liability insurance.

Directors are now perceived as professional managers and as such are accountable for their actions. The increase in litigation against directors reflects a change in the attitude of the general public towards greater management accountability and hence the position of a director and responsible officer is becoming far more onerous. A Director is therefore exposed to the extent of their personal fortune and hence, needs professional liability insurance.

Surprisingly, very few businesses have protection in place with professional/public liability insurance, therefore exposing the business and the people within it to the risk of litigation from a variety of different sources.

The following claims examples are quite alarming

Download claims examples (PDF)

Who might bring an action and for what reasons?

  • Employees – alleging unfair dismissal, discrimination, sexual harassment or mismanagement of super funds
  • Customers – alleging they have suffered financial loss following wrongful advice re the suitability of products
  • Competitors – alleging their business has been adversely affected by a restrictive trade-practice (eg price fixing)
  • Regulators – for breaches in company legislation
  • Members of the Public – failure to effect and maintain adequate control or services


May lead to either civil or criminal action being brought against Directors/Officers for:

  • Civil Action
  • Damages
  • Claimants costs
  • Cost of personal legal representation
  • Criminal Action (Fines and Penalties)
  • Prosecution under various Laws and Legislations

Liability Insurance Cover extended to include:

  • Statutory Liability sub-limit $500,000
  • Crime – sustained by the COMPANY, caused by DISHONEST ACTS
  • Taxation Investigation costs (Investigation by the ATO)

Introducing effective protection for your business.

To help protect you and your business, we can arrange an ‘all-in-one’ comprehensive cover all at a very affordable price with professional/public liability insurance. The facts are that without adequate Management Liability insurance, you place yourself and your business at risk to a whole host of corporate and personal damages as a result of your actions as a director or employee.

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