Why You May Want To Consider Cyber Insurance

Cyberattacks and data breaches are on the rise and a concern for organisations. Cyberattacks is now the number one threat to all organisations and globally it cost’s businesses $440 Billion per year. A cyberattack or breach can cause direct financial loss, damage and/or disruption to business operations. It can also give rise to third party liabilities if a negligent or malicious online act results in identity theft, credit card fraud, invasion of privacy or any number of other losses.


Reason 1

Protect your existing business from any hacking or extortion attempt and drop in revenue

Reason 3

Reduce the costs to respond to a cyber event, such as virus extraction, restoring your data etc.

Reason 2

Have enough coverage to cover potential regulatory fines, penalties, litigation costs etc

Reason 4

Not be out of pocket or be responsible as a result of cyber theft or telephone fraud.

CIA Insurance can advise the best Cyber Insurance policy to protect your business. Please complete our secure and confidential questionnaire for our review. If you are unsure of the answer to a question, please select Don’t Know for now and we can advise further.

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