Why You May Want To Consider Farm Insurance

Whether a Commercial Farm or a Hobby Farm, Farm Insurance provides various types of coverage to protect your Homestead / Outbuildings / Livestock / Crops / Fencing / Machinery / Stockfeed / Grains / and particularly for Commercial Farms - Additional Working costs.


Reason 1

CIA are experts in Insuring Commercial and Hobby Farms and we understand the various risks you are exposed to

Reason 3

Ensuring you are protected for Additional working costs to cover additional expenses to maintain normal farm operations following a defined event (eg a bushfire), so you can keep you farm operating while critical equipment is replaced or property restored

Reason 2

Public Liability Insurance is a necessity where any aerial spraying is involved for Crops or for Livestock which may wander into Public areas

Reason 4

CIA provide objective, professional advice based on many years of experience in the Farm sector and will provide you with the right product to ensure you are fully protected
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