There was no fuss or fanfare, the letters and emails to his clients simply read;

“I am retiring from my life as an insurance broker, to spend time fishing, travelling & generally relaxing. It has been my pleasure to take care of your insurance needs, in some cases looking after three generations in a family business. After nearly forty years at, both at PMH and latterly here at CIA, I would like to thank each and every one of my customers for their loyalty and support”  

Unsurprising to anyone who knew Dean Pollard, there was a continual wave of phone calls, emails, letters and visits thanking him for the years of support.

As the well wishes came flooding back, this was perhaps the culmination of his achievements as an insurance broker of forty years, and the true testament to the service which he had provided his clients.

Throughout his years, most of which were running his own brokerage giving him little to no downtime. Which required holidays to be planned around the availability of phone service and internet connections, so that he was able to look after his clients, Dean had built the trust and respect of clients, insurers and other industry peers alike.

Dean did not gild the lily or sugar coat a response, you always knew where you stood with Dean.

He would readily tell insurers his thoughts on any risk, and was happy to provide feedback regarding rates or conditions that he believed unwarranted. Many was the time that he pointed out to insurers that he as broker “worked for the client – not the insurer” which was generally met with bemusement.

On more than one occasion he was known to help educate an insurers claims staff as to how to apply the policy wording in a particular scenario, and was always on the front foot ensuring speed of settlement – that was just what you had to do as a broker.

Dean had the implicit trust of all his clients. He would go to great lengths to explain the insurances available to each and every client, and go into detail regarding what was and was not covered, reinforcing to each and every client what he believed they “should be covered for” on the rare occasion they elected to not insure everything Dean had recommended.

For over forty years Dean has lived by the Insurance Contracts Act and in every possible sense he epitomises “utmost good faith”.

We have been fortunate at CIA to have been able share some time with Dean, and we all aspire to receive the accolades and thanks that Dean has so richly deserved and received from his clients on his retirement.

I believe it only fitting to let one of his many clients have the last word;

“We will miss your ready availability and splendid service over many years and will be sorry to see you go.

We wish you good health and every happiness in the adventures to come.

Although we have not met very often on a face to face basis we feel that you are indeed a family member. 

We have only praise for your generous support over very many years.

Best wishes for the future whether fishing, travelling or relaxing.”